One Drop Rule explores divisive and recurring in the skin color of African American communities and societies. This infamous rule dictated anyone with African ancestry and considered black was to experience legal sanction in American states. It also advocated that blacks with more white’s features like straighter air and lighter complexion were to be favored as compared to those appearing more African.

The link between slavery and mass incarceration is that both were peculiar institutions and were used as instruments of social ostricization and extraction of labor of outcast groups. The outcast groups were seen as inassimilable in the society in that they carried a lot of stigma. This led to them being deprived the rights to vote and hence remained under bondage while being seen as some ethnic humor. The two, led to the dehumanization of Africans and systematic enslavement hence creating a racial line of caste separating the “whites”and the “blacks.”It is also evident that they processed ethonoracial division with disparities and demarcations of group powers creating a symbolic form of “race.”Both did also created boundaries that led to the setting of African – Americans boundary. The two co-produced cultural origin in history denying human being the constellation as dictated by nature of inherited independence.

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On the issue of sex and gender, Irigarays argues that history has been defined by the role of motherhood and hence women have associated with nature while men have been associated with subjectivity and culture. She further argues that the role of the mother is paramount for male to function in the society. She also states that true gender and sexual differences do not exist in that the difference in sexuality would require that male and female acquire it in subjectivity. On the other hand, Butler shows that sex and gender are culturally and socially constructed and hence feminism should discrete woman as a group with common characteristics. She believes that women should not be defined in that it allows two categories: women and men. Butler advocates for breaking of linkage between gender and sex hence flexible and free gender performance. On the issue of homosexuality and sex gender roles, Seidman is for the idea that it is the individual’s life that has made homosexuality significant in the social, personal, and political setting. He argues that people should be given enough option in quest of their happiness. He further states that it has become normalized hence the secrecy and shame associated with it has been on the decline.


Gaze has been used in the scopic regime of modernity to describe the visuality and vision that exist within the human intellectual discourse. This scope inflated by gaze encompasses the regimes under modernity where knowledge and vision influence and meet one another. It well elaborates whether every age is a characteristic of modernity or the world picture. It also describes the distinction between viewed objects and viewing subject while elaborating the distinction between grasped and conceived images.

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In the society of the spectacle, the gaze describes the essence of truth, illusion, and reality. This illustrates things signified as the original copy and appearance of representation of reality. It also describes how sacredness is correlated to the decrease of truth and increase of illusion hence the existence of high illusion leads to the sacredness of the highest degree. In regard to Christianity, it describes how detached images of life fuse to common stream in which it will be hard to reestablish the unity of life. Gaze describes how reality unfolds as an object of mere speculation and its own general unity. To describe spectacle, it is the autonomous movement of the death and concrete inversion of life. In the discipline and punish, it describes and elaborates how the function of disciplinary can be harnessed into power. Here, the invisible becomes subject of the communication and not object of information. It also describes the correlation between the responsibility and visibility.

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