“Each country has its own customs” – this is one of the favorite British proverbs. However, the custom in their language means not only a tradition, but … customs. Therefore, every country has its own customs and working professionals engaged primarily in providing government’s rules of the export, import, supply of goods, and transportation across the border. Customs officers are often involved in financial issues when you need to charge fees and “paper” work if required customs clearance of certain goods. The need of controlling goods crossing the border in either direction originated with the economic development of society. Firstly, the established rules regulated the procedure of import or export items, but then began to charge a fee for this move, which came into the state treasury.

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Customs officer profession has is socially important in the society. Despite the fact that many people who regularly deal with customs officials often consider them like their own personal enemies, no one would come to abolish this really important speciality. Customs officer’s duties are not limited by “fiscal” function – the replenishment of the state budget. In addition, such a specialist works to prevent the smuggling of goods which means that, to some extent, he provides national security and minimizes the threat of terrorism.

It is possible to become a customs officer without special education. Nevertheless, in this sphere, there are more valued graduates from the relevant departments of universities, customs academies or law schools. There are specific courses of training and advanced training in this speciality in many large cities. Professional qualities necessary for this profession are honesty, decency, adherence to principles, communicability, analytical skills, and high emotional-volitional stability.

There are so many benefits of working a customs officer. As this is a public and military service, the customs officers are representatives of the government. They can have full social benefits and all benefits provided by the State to its employees such as paid leave, additional medical services, high pension, premium for the experience and ranks received during the service.

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In the social context, the work at the customs is very prestigious. The customs officer is also a law enforcement officer and the first person of the state as all the people and all the goods enter the country through customs. Work on the state provides stability and confidence in the future; this means that the social worker is calm.

While working at the customs, workers are developing in different directions such as economics, finance, law, and commodity. This makes it easy for them to find another job in case of losing this. Customs officer always has the opportunity of career and personal growth. Honest and scrupulous implementation of all provisions of operations is needed in order to provide for themselves and their family.

However, except fot the advantages, there are disadvantages of this profession, for example, a busy schedule. In cases of unforeseen circumstances, the authorities may call upon to work the employees on any day and at any time. It makes a person limited in the planning of their own time.

Work at customs is dangerous. Officers have to deal with smuggling, illegal hops of citizens, and crimes. This creates a tense working environment and the risk of attacks. Working with smuggling and tax also imposes a great responsibility. Finally, the main difficulty in customs is a great responsibility. On the other hand, for the skilled worker, customs opens the road to commercial enterprises; watching the import and export, we can better understand the scheme of economic activity.

Unfortunately, it is impossible not to mention the high level of corruption at customs. Customs officers are called the members of the “very sudden” profession as the temptation to profiteer at the expense of the state often leads to fraud specialists and the loss of job place.

For better social understanding of this profession, we interviewed one of the customs officers. He was asked 14 questions.

1. What is your profession (position)?

My profession is the customs officer! I work as a senior inspector for the information technology work.

2. What is your job and what are your responsibilities?

My responsibilities include installation, maintenance and service programs, the installation of computer hardware, administration, network, sending and receiving email, etc.

3. What kind of education is necessary to get your job position?

To work at the office for an inspector, you need a higher education and work experience of at least 2 years of public service.

4. Describe your working day.

The working day starts with sending and receiving e-mails as well as daily morning reports. In the morning, it is necessary to look over the server works of the channel reception and transmission of information work to the next level. Next, I deal with current affairs, if executed declaration, the process of tracking the electronic transmission of data, installing the necessary software for customs, supervising their work, and updating software. In the evening, I check emails and make evening reports. Here’s my brief working day.

5. How comfortable are the conditions of your work (all day on the street or at the office with a cup of coffee)?

All day, I sit at the computer or “travel” by customs for troubleshooting.

6. What do you like most about your work?

Most of all, I like to travel. Often, I am send off on courses and seminars to introduce new programs. There’s an opportunity to raise level and experience, to communicate with colleagues, and, of course, to attend cultural events.

7. What do you not like in your work?

Like many in our team, I do not like the reports, especially the monthly ones. I hate all day bills, calculations, and if the numbers do not converged or there is a lack of a declaration, then, you will be surely punished, and you sit at the sweat looking for mistake made during the month. But it’s only once a month, and the remaining days are calm, all doing their own thing.

8. If not a secret, what is your level of salary (enough to write satisfied or not)?

I think that wages are decent, plus quarterly bonuses.

9. Describe your team, what kind of people are working with you?

Our customs is rather small, everyone knows each other. The staff is excellent. In our office, there are 6 people, all under the age of 35, only the chief is elder. Everyone understands each other and speak the same language.

10. What personal qualities do you think are the most important in your case?

The most important quality in my work is the knowledge of the business, the ability to work honestly. I am a sympathetic person, and I try to help everyone who asks for help.

11. What does your job give you in addition to salary?

Most importantly, my job gives me experience and continuous development. Information technology does not stany t the same level, and I develop with it.

12. Can you to estimate your work on a scale from 0 to 5, what grade would you give?

Certainly, I estimate my work by 5 +.

13. Why did you choose this work?

When I was a teenager, I dreamed to walk with the epaulets, looked with admiration at the men in uniform. At the first opportunity, I got a job with wearing shoulder boards.

14. What do you think we have not included in the plan and what would you still like to share with us?

I think I fully described my favorite work.


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