A Book Report Outline and Tips for Students

Most students do not even like to hear words “book report.” It is absolutely logical because book report writing is not an easy task. The main objective of a book report is to show critical thinking regarding the read content. When you are in the elementary school, you get all the necessary help and support when you need to describe your favorite book or a character. However, when you are a student at college, you are required to write book reports on your own. 

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How to write A Book Report?

The rule is simple read before writing. Nothing can substitute book reading. Remember that reading should bring you joy. That is why you need to select the book you like. When you start reading, do not forget to use a pencil and a piece of paper. Start making notes, writing down important passages, and checking the page numbers. It will come in handy when you have to write the book report. Do not make notes in the book, use a separate piece of paper or a notebook.

How to write A Book Report Outline?

Start writing a report right after reading the book. Writing a book report becomes much easier if you follow the right steps of the writing process. They are as follows: pre-write, write, revise, edit, proofread, and publish.

On the prewriting stage, you have to plan what you wish to say in a book report outline. On this stage, an outline becomes the most useful tool. A book report outline and tips for students will help you to cope with your book report. Incorporate the following ideas in your outline:

  • Introduction
  • Book Summary
  • Details (for instance, description of characters)
  • Details (for instance, plot description)
  • Conclusion

When you structure your thoughts, include some ideas for each of these sections. Please remember that every instructor or professor can give different instructions for book report writing. That is why prior to making a book report outline, please double-check the instructions.

Introduction. Basic information is required at the beginning of every book report. Prove the title of the book, author’s name, and genre. Do not forget to mention the publisher. In the introduction, your main task is to attract the readers, make him wish to continue reading the report. So, write something unusual about the book, mention some interesting facts about the book writing or the author. Is the book a bestseller? Who is the author? Explain why you decided to read this very book.

Writing a Book Report Correctly

Describe what the selected book is about in the 2- 4 paragraphs of the body. It is how you can show that you have read it and how you understood it. Below you can find effective writing tips for fiction book:  

Summary: Write an overview of the story in this section. Include the story setting, period of time, characters, and of course, the plot. Indicate the storyteller and the general book tone. Is it a funny adventure or a horror story?

Details about the Character: Here, you need to describe the book characters. Identify the main issue or the conflict the protagonists face.

Details about the Plot: There is no need to indicate and describe each and every story detail. Try to pay attention to the major events and their sequence. Describe the literary devices the author uses in the book. It will prove that your attitude toward the book report is professional.

Non-Fiction Books and Reports on Them

In case you need to write a book report on some factual content or biography, you will have to describe the author’s view on the described subject. Chapter headings will help you to describe the thoughts and ideas of the author in a logical manner. In case the book plot is fictional, there is no need to describe each and every argument stated by the book author. You can simply describe the major ideas, which are of the most interest to you. When your task is to write a report on biography, you need to present only significant events in individual’s life.

Conclusion Section

It is always fun to write the concluding paragraph. Here, you can provide your personal critique of the book. Describe weak and strong points of the book. Was it interesting to read the book? Have you learnt some lessons from reading the book? Has the book affected you in some way? Do you agree with the arguments provided by the author? Make sure your opinion is balanced. Provide support to all your statements with certain examples. State whether you want to recommend this book to other people.

Revise, Edit, Proofread, and Publish

When you are done with writing your book report, please follow the next steps: revise, edit, proofread, and publish. Read the written report out loud and ask a friend to listen to it and give his/her feedback. While editing and proofreading, try to correct all the grammatical, spelling, and stylistic mistakes. When you have done all the corrections, you can publish your perfect book report.

How to Write a Book Report: Expository Essay Type

Book reports are usually written in a form of an expository essay. However, other forms can be used as well. Oftentimes, students are required to express their viewpoint while writing a book report. For instance, "Explain why Harry Potter is the best fiction for children and adults. Support your arguments with specific examples." Here, you will have to use a persuasive writing style. Students can also receive a task to write book reviews where they need to persuade classmates to read the book. And the last piece of advice, never reveal the book ending in your book report.