Among the numerous famous people that in history, Princess Diana was the most photogenic and interesting to a wide audience. Her social activities and looks dominated the daily conversations of the time. Paparazzi gave her international recognition, love of fans, and an early death. They have undoubtedly played a part in the tragic accident of 1997. Today, after 20 years, there is no evidence the the real reason of that car crash has been discovered. Some think that the Royal family or her ex-husband had hidden motives. Thus, it is possible that the car accident which killed princess that was planned by the British Royal family.

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All the events that occurred in the Palace have always been the royal-watching attraction since the life of the family is very important to the citizens of the UK. English conservative outlook is based on traditions that remain the same from generation to generation. Diana changed the image of the royal family because during her marriage to the Prince the world discovered the negative side of the august family. She was always honest with the audience and spoke the truth in her interviews. Diana married Charles very young and was ready to be happy and start a new life as a member of royalty. The citizens of the UK loved her and gave the status of the Peoples Princess. Journalists and photographers followed her everywhere from meetings to gym sessions. Editors loved Dianas images on their front pages because it contributed to success in sales. Unfortunately, the sparkling image only existed outside, and the Princess suffered both from the attention and her husbands carelessness. The marriage of Prince Charles and Diana lasted for fifteen years, during which their boys William and Harry were born. In eight years after the wedding, they separated because Diana was suspicious about her husband cheating on her. Soon, the audio of private conversations between Charles and his mistress was release to the public. It turned out the Prince was seeing a woman named Camilla for a long time. However, it was another romantic relationship with his assistant Tiggy that broke Diana’s heart. The Princess was miserable and depressed, which led to her attempting to commit cuicide five times. One of the attempts happened during her second pregnancy. Once, she confessed that the husband turns her life into torture (Keaney, 2017). However, Diana had affairs too. For instance, she was in a romantic relationship with a horseback riding instructor for five years. Princess talked about all these details in a big individual interview for the BBC (Christodoulou, 2017a). She discussed in detail the private life of royal family, as well as the relationship between Diana and her mother-in-law. As it turned out, Charles’s affairs were a common problem, because Diana asked for advice from the Queen. However, Elizabeth II responded that she has nothing to do with it and called her son hopeless (Christodoulou, 2017a). The interview had a great impact on the English society. Moreover, Queen Elizabeth II requested the couple to divorce and was disappointed and embarrassed by Diana. The divorce was finalized in the end of August of 1996. Diana was feeling great because there was nothing to hide anymore.

Then a new but short page of the Princess’s life started. She was dating Dodi al-Fayed. He was the oldest son of a billionaire from Egypt Mohamed al-Fayed. Dodi worked for the UAE air force, but later got involved in cinematography. Diana and her future boyfriend met for the first time in 1986 during a polo game. The next meating happened in 1997 when Dodi invited the Princess and her sons to spend some time on his yacht in France (Christodoulou, 2017b). A few weeks later Diana came alone and was caught by paparazzi kissing Fayed. They spent time together in Sardinia and South France and flew to Paris. On August 31, they had dinner in a restaurant and wanted to go to an apartment on Rue Arsene. Motorcycles with photographers followed them, wishing to take a picture of the couple. After 4 minutes of driving, they reached tunnel Pont de lAlma and crashed into a support pillar. Four people were in the car, and two of them died there (Minelle, 2017). They were Dido Fayed and driver Henry Paul. Diana was unconscious, so the ambulance took her to Pitie-Salpetriere hospital. She had a cardiac arrest and doctors pronounced her dead at 4 am at her 36th year of life. The other person in the car was Dodi’s bodyguard who survived. Trevor Rees-Jones had numerous injuries and was operated on many times, but he does not remember the crash of the Mercedes that night.

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The investigation conducted by French authorities concluded that the driver of the Mercedes was drunk. The car was moving at a high speed, and the control was lost because of a mix of drugs, alcohol, and antidepressants (Minelle, 2017). Paparazzi motorcycles had cameras with flashes and that could have impacted the driver too. However, their relation to the accident was on the part of the results of investigation. Diana was constantly stressed and annoyed because of paparazzi pursuing her. They made a considerable profit from her pictures. For example, Jason Fraser, one of the most famous paparazzi of the time, sold many photos of Diana and Fayed and received more than $1 million for his work (Samuelson, 2017).

The other official reason given by both the French and British police departments is that the passengers did not wear safety belts (Minelle, 2017). Some call it a coincidence and a tragic accident, but others argue that Diana’s death was planned. Circumstances of the crash show the direct impact of the Princess’s new status, possible pregnancy, and Charless desire to receive a permission to marry another woman.

Some things that the witnesses saw were not included in the official report, which made people question the accuracy of the investigation. A crush in the tunnel could have been caused by a collision between Diana’s vehicle and another car. Some witnesses remembered a light flash and a loud bang just before the accident. Moreover, one of them described a gesture the motorcyclists showed each other after the sound. It could have meant mission accomplished (Why Did Princess, 2017). The other suspicious thing about the crash was how long it took the paramedics to arrive, when two people in the car were dying and other two were injured. The help came after 20 minutes of waiting, but the ambulance did not take the Princess to the nearest hospital (Curtis, 2017). Perhaps, if the help came in time, they could have done something to save her life.

Another rumor stated that the Princess was afraid for her life and knew about the possibility of a fatal accident. Paul Burrell, Diana’s former butler, found a message written in Princess’s hand. She was sure that the Prince wanted to marry another woman so he planed something to make her injure her head (Christodoulou, 2017b). Al-Fayed’s father says Diana was pregnant, and the couple was about to announce their engagement. The Royal family could not allow a Muslin Egyptian to become a stepfather of an English King (Griffin, 2017). Other sources mention that even after leaving the palace, Diana was followed by security services that checked her location and contacts. Some suppose that the driver of the Mercedes was an informant who was paid by the Secret Intelligence Service. At the time of his death, Paul had a large amount of money in cash that exceeded his driver’s salary (Why Did Princess, 2017). Investigation concluded and refuted all the additional factors that could have led to the Princess’s death. However, the society does not believe in the possibility of so many coincidences happening at the same time.

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Dianas funeral was on the 6th of September, and a million people gathered for the ceremony in person and even more joined by watching television. The casket was transported from Kensington Palace to the Westminster Abbey. Diana was buried on an island in Northamptonshire. Community planted 36 oak trees for each year of the Princess’s life (Minelle, 2017). Society judged Queen Elizabeth II for not commenting on the event immediately,but waiting for five days to make a public announcement. In her speech, the Queen admitted that Diana was a part of their family even though the marriage with her son did not work. She called her an exceptional human being who brought happiness to many people. Harry and William suffered a great loss and were devastated. They tried to continue their mother’s initiatives to help children and adults in poverty, as well as fight diseases. Boys have also changed the public perception of journalists and paparazzi because they blamed them for their mother’s death. After the accident of the Princess of Wales, British magazines and newspapers could no longer stalk celebrtities. Similar regulations were not implemented in the USA, and soon media from the UK suffered from not delivering fresh material that was allowed in other countries. Today, the Royal family, especially William and Harry, share private information though social networks. They post only the things that they are ready to show to the public.

To conclude, the accident that left the Royal family without a daughter-in-law, Britain without the Peoples Princess, and two boys without a mother had many suspicious circumstances. When the officials named the two main reasons of Mercedes crash, which included a mix of alcohol and drugs in the driver’s blood and the passengers not wearing seat belts, the public looked for other possible reasons. A new relationship with a foreigner, pregnancy, and her ex-husband’s marital plans are all reliable and probable. Dianas death helped editors to look at celebrities as people who want privacy instead of a source of profit.


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