Great Economic Depression Of 1930s

The great economic depression started from United States of America and spread out through European countries, which caused them to be triggered, and made them to make economic blocs in order to protect their industries and hoard raw materials for industries. This was as a result of world war one of those countries, which disturbed them economically, and they had acquired huge loans from the United States of America. United States of America demanded back the loans she had given to Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Japan of which they were unable to pay back and due to that United States of America took advantage and imposed high rates on those loans.

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However, trade barriers between countries made resources to be too expensive to import even if exporter countries were willing. This caused Germany and Japan to physically gain control of those raw materials through use of military conquest which they will use to fuel their economies.

Treaty of Versailles

The treaty was put in place in 1919. It required Germany to accept the blame for starting World War I, Germany to pay $6600 million for damages, which was caused by the war. Germany was disarmed and was not allowed to have a large army and many naval ships and part of the Germany land was to be taken away and given to other countries. Due to these terms of the treaty, Germany people were unhappy and regarded it has too harsh since Germany was very poor to pay the amount since there was a high rate of unemployment and inflation rate and Germany people voted for a man who will rubbish the Versailles.


This was a system of government that was marked by economic and social control of a government that was headed by the dictators and this gained power in many European nations and this led to the outbreak of world war two. This fascism had strong militants and the government controlled the industries and people for their own benefits and the country as a whole. Hitler’s Germany and Mussolini’s Italy adopted aggressive foreign policies involving war as an intended, even desirable method.

Cold War Hot Spots

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Germany – after the World War II Germany divided into four and western allies merged three zones into one that is West Germany-democratic and East Germany-soviet-style socialist.The United States and the Soviet Union allied against Nazi Germany this was because the two sides had not come into terms on how to reconstruct the post world war even before the end of World War II.The Western powers became increasingly concerned with the economy which was deteriorating and implemented a number of measures to improve it.Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin ordered a blockade of West Berlin, which was deep within Communist East Germany this was because they were to provide supplies to the city, the western powers had two choices – give up or invade.

Korea – the failure of the Korean to hold free elections led to the division between two sides. In 1950, communist North Korea assaulted the South Korea. Across borders tension increased and there were massive raids between North and South Korea. President Truman, with the support of the UN, counter-invaded and it resulted in a vacillating deadlock with the warring sides back to where they started. Without interference, though it is possible for the North Koreans to would have effectively attacked South Korea, so Truman could claim this as a triumph.

Vietnam – United States and France backed a hopelessly corrupt and inefficient regime in South Vietnam against North Vietnamese attack. Kennedy supported Diem trusting that this was the best fortification against the spread of communism. He backed up diplomatic aid by availing “military advisors”, but he did not make any effort to make Diem more suitable for the South Vietnamese people. The war escalated to believing the United States had the fire power to overwhelm Vietnam.

Cuban missile crisis – when the United States discovered Soviet nuclear missiles in Cuba, the American president John F. Kennedy demanded their removal and announced a naval blockade of the island.Soviet missiles were only mighty enough to be launched against Europe, but U.S. missiles had the ability to destroy the entire Soviet Union. United States of America was against the missiles because it wanted to remain superpowers over the other European countries.

The United States maintained military in china or its territorial water to support the defence of the republic of China on Taiwan against the attacks from the communists in the republic of China’s people.


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