In his book The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, Morris represents President Roosevelt as truly great man. This book will inspire a reader to change something in his/her life and do great things. Theodore Roosevelt was a Harvard graduate, a member of the Legislative Assembly of New York, farmer, author of several books, the commissioner of the New York Police, the Secretary of the Navy, historian, the mayor of New York, and commander of the First Cavalry Guard of the United States. He had had all those titles before he became the president of the United States, at the age of 42 years. This story is about growing up and formation of the 26th President of the United States, whose political career began with the service in the New York Police Department and the post of the commander of a cavalry regiment during the Spanish-American War. Theodore Roosevelt had tremendous achievements in politics.

Edmund Morris, the Pulitzer Prize winner, the author of the life history The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, and biographer, skillfully described the life and career of this complicated and paradoxical man. The author tells readers the story of Theodore Roosevelt as a man who rose above the world.This book describes one of the most questionable talented men of the 20th century and maybe even of all times. The book The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt is almost like a novel. A reader will not find a single chapter, which could be described as "dry" or boring. Perhaps, one of the reasons why this book is so interesting is a fun and exciting life of Theodore Roosevelt. Edmund Morris tells readers his story with a great style and peculiarity. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt is a balanced and fair biography. However, Edmund Morris shows obvious affection for the main character. In his book, Morris combines a smart and clever historical narration with a clearly insightful historical analysis.The author shows the less attractive qualities of Roosevelt - his impulsiveness, emotionality, and attempt to glorify himself among others. All of this is fully represented in Morris's book.

In his childhood, Theodore Roosevelt was an ailing child, suffering from constant attacks of diarrhea and chronic asthma. Parents did not confide high hopes in his son. However, the young Theodore felt the potential of greatness and decided to fight hard to try to achieve it. Theodore Roosevelt can be characterized as a man of many paradoxes.Although he was a self-educated person, he eventually entered Harvard University. Theodore graduated from the University with honors in 1880. During his study in Harvard, Theodore was a member of the prestigious Harvard Club. As a member of the Republican Party, Roosevelt defended the progressive reforms. He earned the esteem of his colleagues. Theodore Roosevelt was the author of several important pieces of reforms of the legislation. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt shows how a strong and vigorous politician used his strong character in the much-needed reforms at all levels of the American government.Morris notes that Roosevelt put his personal mark on everything he undertook. As the Commissioner of the Civil Service in the administration of Harrison, he publicly - some said bumptiously - investigated claims of bribery and corruption in the public service. He antagonized many of his colleagues. However, he achieved sustainable results.

Edmund Morris wrote a very readable, interesting and remarkable biography of Theodor Roosevelt. In The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt, the author completely captures the main points of this man. The modern reader fully understands the politician figure of the early 20th century as the author skillfully describes the life of the outstanding man. The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt is a biography that is worth reading.


Morris, E. (2010). The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt. New York, NY: Random House Publishing Group.

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