How to Apply for a Refund

  • Every person who uses our company's services can as for a refund within two weeks after the deadline has expired. Keep in mind that if you ask for a refund because of plagiarism issue, you can do it at any time. To get a full refund, a client should provide a credible plagiarism report to our company administration as supporting evidence for the copied paper content.
  • According to our company regulations and policy rules, we consider Turnitin, iThenticate, and WriteCheck among other plagiarism checkers to be the most trustworthy and reliable of all. Still, it is important to keep in mind that properly formatted quotations and cited material (such as tables, figures, and other guidelines) cannot be considered as plagiarism. Also take into consideration that such checkers as SafeAssign are not really effective in detecting valid plagiarism in papers as they highlight quotes and cited materials as plagiarism.
  • In case you order a paper continuation, then keep in mind that our writers are responsible for plagiarism found in the parts written by them (not the ones you have provided).
  • When you provide solid evidence and apply for a refund, then our Refund Department carefully investigates the case and informs you on the research outcome. When your refund application is justified, then you will be given either a partial or a full refund. As a rule, you get a response from the Refund Department during 3-4 business days.


  • Free revision is given to our company clients within two days after the deadline expiration. In case a customer asks for a revision later, he/ she needs to pay additionally for this service. In case the writer agrees to revise the paper free of charge, then the customer cannot apply for a refund afterwards.
  • For longer period (over 20 pages), the free revision period equals a month after the deadline has expired.
  • If the customer happens to provide new instructions or somehow change the original ones, he/ she cannot send a revision request to the writer. Revisions are sent only according to the original requirements. In case there are some changes in the paper description, the customer should pay compensation and only then ask the writer to add/ delete or modify the needed information.
  • In case a customer sends a paper for revision, he/ she should provide clear and detailed revision comments and recommendations to the writer. Besides, it is important to set a new deadline for revising the paper. The deadline should be reasonable as the customer should understand that all the changes should be made in a quality manner.
  • We strongly encourage our clients to be accessible via email and check their inbox regularly for any notifications regarding the paper. For example, writers often need approval of the topic or some clarifications regarding paper description. So, the sooner you reply to the writer, the sooner the writer will start working on your paper. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to provide writers with all the required information.
  • If you would like to extend the period of free revision, you should choose the "Extended revision" option, which will prolong your deadline to 14 days after the due date expiration. This service is not free of charge and it costs 30% of the total paper price.

Full Refund

  • Full refund is granted if the order was placed by mistake or was paid two or more times by mistake as well. In such cases, you should contact the customer support team and inform them about this issue.
  • If no writer was found to work on your paper, the complete sum will be refunded as well.
  • When the paper was refunded, it is not regarded as the customer's property and it cannot be used for any purposes further.

Partial Refund

  • A partial refund option is applicable if the client has paid for more pages than needed.
  • A customer receives a partial refund if he/ she failed to correctly identify from the very beginning which level the paper should correspond to (for example when the customer has ordered Master's level instead of High School).
  • A partial refund is also applicable if the customer has provided dubious or contradictory paper descriptions.

The following table sheds more light into the process of order cancellation:

Percentage of refunded moneyPassed deadline (on average)
100%10-15% of the deadline
90%20-25% of the deadline
80%30-35% of the deadline
70%40-45% of the deadline

Customers are not allowed to call off the order if more than 30% of deadline has passed and the writer is in the process of writing it. What is even more important, if the writer finished working on the order and uploaded it into the system, it cannot be cancelled.

Late Verification Issue

The writer starts working on the order only after the customer has verified the order payment. If the customer does not respond to our Financial Department and we cannot get in touch with him/ her for a long time, the writer will not start writing the order. In such case, the customer should either prolong the due date for the paper or provide additional payment for the writer's quick work.

Word Count Issues

  • Pages are counted according to a formula: 1 page = 300 words. As you see, the pages are not counted visually but according to the number of words per page. When it comes to technical orders or presentations, then the number of pages is calculated in accordance with the task complexity.
  • Speaker notes for PPT presentations are an additional service that should be paid for separately. When a customer agrees for such option, he/ she will receive 100-150 words per each slide.
  • Concerning online tests or multiple choice questions, five questions equal one page. If you have 25 questions, then you should pay for five pages.

Deadline/ Paper Delivery

  • In accordance with the company policy, if a customer wants the paper to be delivered earlier than initially indicated, he/ she should provide additional payment. If the writer agrees to upload the paper earlier without the additional payment, the customer has no right to further apply for a refund (if necessary).
  • Partial refunds are provided for late orders.

Order Type

  • When a customer places an order on our website, he/ she should correctly indicate the order type. Refund or revision cannot be applied if the writer wrote a paper according to wrong paper requirements provided by the customer.
  • If the customer places a "Rewriting" type of order, he/ she should keep in mind that the writer's task is merely to paraphrase the provided text without writing some parts from scratch, conducting additional research or analyzing the sources.
  • We highly value the clients' timely responses in the messaging system and email regarding writers' or company administration's inquiries.